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Webster’s Gourmet Meat Kitchen

We want you to eat better meat.
We are all about whole animal butchery and artisan produce. We are passionate about quality, sustainability and good old-fashioned customer service.

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Knife sharpening, Cryovac storage and more.

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I have been a customer of Webster’s Gourmet Meat Kitchen since Duncan and Sarah first opened their store in North Carlingford. I believe in supporting local family-operated businesses, and this one never disappoints. From knowing their customers by name, to keeping us informed about cuts of meats and how to cook them, Duncan, Sarah and their staff make excellent customer service a priority. I have always appreciated the quality and the variety of the meats available at Websters. We love the Chicken, Pumpkin and Haloumi burgers, and the Veal Schnitzels with Parmesan. And not a week goes by without buying the 98% fat free beef mince for meatballs or lasagne. Finally, I love the fact that I can get to and from Websters within just a few minutes from home. Websters truly is my local butcher!

Margaret, Owner of Heavenly Platters

Ahn Do

Purveyors of the best meat in the world!

Anh Do, Writer and Actor

Peter Skrzynecki

A company that is not difficult to endorse. The phrase sans pareil comes to mind. Webster’s Gourmet Meat Kitchen is in a class of its own with its varieties of quality meats plus attentive service.

Excellent advice provided upon request on how to prepare meats. Depending on how customers regard themselves it could be said that Webster’s Gourmet Meat Kitchen is “only the best for the best."

Peter Skrzynecki, OAM

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