Our Producers


After many years of searching and trying out products we can now be confident and proud that we are bringing you the best products on the Australian market.

Watervale Beef – Hand selected by Breakout River

Watervale Beef is of the finest quality.  Located in Cowra NSW which is renowned as prime breeding country with soft, rich pastures and excellent grain production. The stress free environment in which hand selected Watervale Beef are raised combined with quality feeding guarantees consistent tender, juicy and flavoursome beef.


Cowra Free Range Lamb – Hand selected by Breakout River

Cowra Free Range Lamb is always tender and juicy. Cowra is renowned for its beautiful farming areas and fertile soils, ensuring that the free range hand selected lamb will guarantee consistent and exceptional quality produce, 52 weeks of the year. This unique combination of fine breeding and rich pastures ensures that Cowra Free Range Lamb is the finest tasting lamb in Australia.


La Ionica Chicken

La Ionica chickens are healthy and tender with the meat retaining its natural juices and flavour – the way chicken should be.  La Ionica chicken’s unique taste and quality is due to the innovative process used for every bird. Using the premium European method of “air chilling”, a process which does not involve the use of traditional spin–chillers filled with ice water and chlorine ensures that La Ionica chicken is the only chicken in Australia processed chemically free.


Robbins Island Wagyu

Robbins Island Wagyu is a fourth generation family company offering premium grade Wagyu raised and breed of the shores of Tasmania. During the iconic seasonal musters, bands of horsemen swim the cattle through saltwater channels at low tide to move them peacefully between grazing areas. During the iconic seasonal musters, bands of horsemen swim the cattle through saltwater channels at low tide to move them peacefully between grazing areas.


Cape Grim Beef

Cape Grim Beef have earned themselves a reputation for providing premium grade beef, sought after by many butchers and chefs. Located in far northwest corner of Tasmania the air is the cleanest in the world and has an abundant rainfall. Farmers of Cape Grim nurture the finest quality cattle, without harming the pristine environment.


Bangalow Sweet Pork

Bangalow Sweet Pork has the very simple aim to produce the best quality and best tasting pork in Australia. The founders of Bangalow Sweet Pork were frustrated with the way Australia was producing pork – lean, dry and tasteless. Working with agricultural scientists, they found new ways to produce pork with a fat profile which is predominately unsaturated in excess of 60%. This fat profile is the basis of Bangalow Sweet Pork’s unique flavour and tenderness. Celebrity Chef, Matt Moran states, “My favourite one being the Bangalow Sweet Pork Company which is producing some of the best pork this country has seen in a long, long time”.


The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away is a family owned business which has been proudly serving Bondi locals the freshest seafood since 1996. Due to their customer loyalty from all over Sydney, they decided to bring the fresh catch to them. All seafood is sourced daily from the Sydney Fish Markets and is individually packaged for maximum freshness and minimum fuss.


Fairlight Veal

Highly regarded throughout Australia and the World, Fairlight Red delivers an eating experience like no other. Premium butchers and chefs choose it for its pink colour, melt-in-the-mouth tenderness, eating quality, flavour and superior performance.

Humanely raised in the natural way on their mother’s milk, and in open pastures with access to the very best feed, Fairlight Red’s undeniable quality is backed by its tenderness, juiciness, superior colour and flavour.


Game Farm

Game Farm products come in a selection of cuts to make cooking and serving a breeze. Our diverse range has been designed to offer easy and affordably priced culinary solutions to suit all occasions, from everyday meals, barbecue get-togethers and relaxed, casual entertaining through to stylish dinner parties.