Our Products


Our ethos is all about providing the highest and freshest of quality products for our customers.  We specialise in dry-aged beef, Bangalow Sweet Pork, gourmet gluten free sausages and prepared meals ready for you to cook. 

Dry Aged Beef

We specialise in dry-aging our beef.  Why? Because we care about our meat and our customers. Dry-aging is a natural tenderising process which involves hanging the rump, loins and forerib in our coolroom for a minimum of 30 days.  This allows the natural enzymes to break down the fibres of the muscles guaranteeing tender and flavoursome beef.  We believe this process is essential and well worth the wait and the hard work.  The proof is in the product and you will find that our aged beef will melt in your mouth.


All of our pork products, including our famous ham are from Bangalow Sweet Pork pigs.  This brand of pork delivers a flavour of how pork used to taste many years ago:  tender, sweet and juicy.  This hormone and antibiotic free product has been developed from many trials with different breeds of pig, stock management and feed ingredients.  You’ll find this product on the menus of many of Sydney’s fine dining restaurants.



Lamb at webster’s gourmet meat kitchen is always tender, sweet and as lean as possible.  Our butchers take special care and extra time to ensure that the lamb is trimmed of all the fat (unless a customer requests us not to do so).  Our supplier, Cowra Lamb, only selects the best lambs for us so that we can ensure our customers are taking home the very best product.


Game Meat

Our game meat is sourced from Game Farm, a hugely regarded game supplier in Sydney. 

The most popular game meat we stock is kangaroo, rabbit, whole duck and duck pieces.  We can source most other game meat to order. 


All of our chicken products, including our chicken sausages, are from La Ionica chickens which are chemical and hormone free.  You will never forget the taste of a La Ionica chicken.  The old fashioned taste of natural, healthy chicken turns every dish into a mouth watering experience.  The chemically free process means that your La Ionica chicken is healthy and tender with the meat retaining its natural juices.  The chicken is tender, succulent and processed chemically free due to the innovative cleaning process. 


We will only stock veal that is of the highest quality.  If the weather conditions aren’t favourable to the raising of good quality veal, then we will not stock it.  We are well known for our ultra thin slices of tender veal schnitzel.

Deli Meats

We specialise in Bangalow Sweet Pork ham and bacon which we smoke ourselves on our premises.  Other deli meats include roast beef, corned silverside and turkey breast. 



At webster’s gourmet meat kitchen we are renowned for our sausages.  Many of our sausages have been awarded prizes at the Sausage King competitions held by the Australian Meat Industry Council.  All of our sausages are gluten free and are made with real, natural skins.  Only the best products and freshest of ingredients are used in our sausages.  All vegetables, fruits and herbs are sourced from Rossi’s Fresh Grocer.  The chicken sausages are made from chemical and hormone free chickens.


Prepared Meals

For the busy customer who is looking for a quick and easy meal, we have a large selection of prepared meals ready to go.   All of the ingredients used for the prepared products are of the freshest quality and most herbs used are fresh.  To make life even easier, all prepared meals come with cooking instructions.  All prepared meals are made on our premises.



We stock a good selection of pre-packaged fresh Australian seafood. An alternative to meat products but still a great source of protein and essential for your weekly diet and omega 3 intake.  All seafood is delivered fresh every Thursday.  Extremely popular at Christmas – let the fish markets come to you.


Who doesn’t love condiments?  We stock an interesting range of condiments to compliment our meats. Meat rubs, mustards, sauces, salt grinders, Pukara Estate oils & balsamic vinegars and McClure’s pickles.