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Our Services

Taste testing

Every Saturday we fire up the bbq so that customers can trial our range of sausages. Taste testings are also held for our deli and meat products. A good way to try before you buy.

Your special event

At webster’s gourmet meat kitchen we take great care to make your special event even more special. We have supplied and prepared meat products for weddings, photo shoots and parties of all occasions. If you are thinking of doing something special, please come in and speak with Duncan who will be happy to help you.

Knife sharpening

Are you tired of trying to cut meat or carve your roast with a blunt knife? No trouble, just bring your knife in and for a small fee we will sharpen it for you.

Cryovac storage of meat

Cryovac is packing meat in a thick plastic bag and removing all air from the bag. For people who are travelling or do not like freezing their meat, cryovac storage of meat is a safe and easy way to keep meat fresh. For a small fee, we can cryovac your meat which is guaranteed to remain fresh for at least 14 days.